Nappy Care

One of the reasons people are wary of making the switch, is nappy care.

In the beginning it can be a bit overwhelming, especially as disposables are just thrown in the bin and forgotten about. 

Washing nappies is a lot easier than you may think.  If your baby is not yet on solid food, you can throw soiled nappies straight into your nappy bucket, no need to rinse etc.  Once your baby is consuming food, you need to adjust slightly.  Many people find using a liner simplifies things.  Simply flick any poo down the toilet, then give the liner a quick rinse and pop in the nappy bucket.  You can also choose a disposable liner, but they are sometimes uncomfortable for baby and aren't the most economical choice.

Most manufacturers recommend that non bio powder is used.  Never use fabric softener, it binds to the fibres of you nappies and prevents them from absorbing.

To ensure your nappies are kept as clean as possible, its recommended to launder nappies on two settings.  First of all, a quick 'pre wash'.  Many machines have a pre wash setting, these aren't recommended for cloth nappies as the water is reused for the main wash, you don't want this.  Therefore, a short cycle setting is best, at either 30c or 40c.  Then after this a long wash (cotton settings are good) that uses plenty of water.  Nappies can be stored in a nappy bucket for 2/3 days before washing.  Though it's recommended you do a quick wash every morning, with the previous day's nappies.  You can use an open basket to store any soiled or wet nappies, once they have gone through a quick wash then pop them into a wet bag to wait for the main wash.

You can then dry nappies, most are fine in a tumble dryer, but always check labels.




We are here to answer any questions you may have, as well as to help you with any troubleshooting.